What Separates a Skeeter Bass Boat from the Competition?

Bass Boats today are chiseled, high-performance, fish catching machines. This modern era of bass boats all started with Skeeter Boats. Since 1948, Skeeter has led the way in the category. But what separates a Skeeter from the competition? Here are a few details that make Skeeter the highest performing boat on the market today.


Control is crucial on the water, especially in a bass boat. So is being able to turn at a second’s notice, and Skeeter never sacrifices one for the other. In high-speed tournament conditions, you may have to turn on a dime. That’s not when you need your hull to list, slip, or skip. On a Skeeter, this possibility has been virtually eliminated.


This is just one example of how our boats not only adhere to, but exceed the industry’s technical practices. The test is conducted by accelerating the boat to its maximum top-end speed and then sharply turning the steering wheel 180° with no change in settings. The boat passes the test by completing a 90° change in direction without the driver losing confidence in his ability to maintain control. All Skeeter boats have passed at their maximum speed and horsepower ratings.


When you bring the hammer down, a quick view of the bow is all you get. Getting on plane takes a mere three to four seconds as the hull levels into a highly aggressive attitude. Without a second to lose, Skeeter puts you in a better position to win.


At the extreme level of top-end performance is where Skeeter leaves the competition behind. Delivering you responsive handling in situations when most boats lose their edge, the unique engineering of the Skeeter hull design keeps you on top and in control.


Take a turn for the better with less chance of hull lifting, slipping or skidding. Skeeter’s hull gives you the ability to maintain a turn in complete control either trimmed up at full throttle or at more moderate speeds. Accurately maneuver through tight situations with confidence.


Don’t worry about swamping the back of the boat. With Skeeter’s revolutionary hull design, you can now kill your run at full speed and forget about the following wake flooding your deck and your enthusiasm.


Even when your partner is jumping around in the back, it won’t affect you on the bow. Extreme stability and optimum flotation reduce rocking and rolling. Skeeter even drilled holes in one of their hulls to prove it.


The aggressive 20-degree deep-V of the patented hull design works in conjunction with the primary and secondary reverse chines to keep the water off of you and in the lake. Smooth and dry is how every ride is remembered in a Skeeter.

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