Tips for Installing Guides on a Custom Casting Rod

Guide selection can seem intimidating given the all the available options however, the right choice isn’t hard if you understand how each guide is used and installed.

Over the last 10 years, the technology of casting guides has grown tremendously. Years ago, lightweight casting rods were built with all double-footed guides, but now you tend to see them only on heavier application rods. This trend has pushed manufacturers to maintain one or two double-footed guides, or stripper guides, closest to the reel and then, chance the remaining running guides into single-footed guides.

Double Footed Stripping Guide

Most often, the first, or the two initial guides on a modern casting rod are double-footed and known as stripping guides. These are typically much larger than running guides, and operate to create a funnel as the guides decrease in size moving towards the tip.

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In comparison to the previous guide layout, some setups remove the stripping guide and replace it with micro, single-foot guides. This is merely a preference call considering the double-footed guide is usually used as a transition from the reel and sits much higher on the blank than the single-foot running guides.

What makes custom rod building great is that you are the builder and angler, so you build the fishing rod exactly how you want to use it.

Selecting a Running Guide

Running guides follow up the initial stripping guide and continue to tape in size you go up the blank to the tip-top. The size of single-foot running guides can change to match some double-footed guides, or be as small as “micro” guides.

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For the ideal guide setup, the balance lies between form and function. For instance, using the smallest guides not only reduces overall weight, but increases the rod’s sensitivity.

Note: If you choose smaller guides and use leaders, make sure your leader knot can pass cleanly through the guides.

When in Doubt, Buy a Kit

Mud Hole Custom Tackle expertly shortened the learning curve by offering rod kits that come with specific guides and their spacing. Their new CRB Casting Guide sets have three different options in grade: Standard, Performance, and Elite.

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Standard guides are your basic all around guide with stainless steel frames and aluminum oxide rings to accommodate all line types. The Performance set features a stainless-steel frame with deep pressed titanium oxide rings that have a more concept style layout to improve casting.

The Elite set has all the features championed by top-tier guides and are available in concept layouts as well. These Elite guides have diamond-polished zirconia oxide rings to offer the highest tensile strength, braid-proof zirconia rings with rounded ID’s and the new PVD titanium nitride, or titanium oxide coating.

Fish the future of high performance guides and check out these incredible new casting guide sets today!

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