With over 1000 Bass Boats sold off the Classic Bass Website, we must be doing something right! Hear from sellers who have shared their positive experiences selling their boats on CLASSICBASS.COM

I sold my boat in less than 24 hours after listing it on Classic Bass!! I received calls mostly from Minnesota and Wisconsin but actually sold it to a guy from Texas! Thanks for your help!
– Joel (MN)

I want to thank you in helping me sell my 1999 Ranger. It was purchased by a gentleman from Arkansas 3 days after having it posted on your site. I received calls and emails from all over the country and could have sold it numerous times. Without a doubt, no site on the net draws more serious buyers than yours. Again, please mark my boat sold, and thanks much for the help. Sincerely,
– Mike

Sold in 7 days. I’ve had a number of calls on it but the first person who called (on the same day it was posted) bought it. Thanks again.
– Jim

My 2006 Triton sold locally. Buyer found it on classicbass.com. Thanks for a great website and great service!
– Brian

Sold in three weeks. I have sold my boat posted on Classic Bass. Classic Bass gave me some good exposure. Thanks,

I sold my Ranger 518. I listed it the 22nd and sold on the 26th, had 15 calls and emails. Got the price I listed. Fantastic results! I’ll be looking for another boat shortly and will be sure to look here first! Great service!
– Mark

Mercury 200HP, sold in 10 days. Thank you so much for your great services. You have a great website. I had lots of calls.
– Adam

We are very happy we listed our boat on your website as we had many inquiries on it! Thanks,
– Brad

It was only listed for 7 days. This is the second boat that I have sold from your website.
Great job!
– John

Classic Bass generated a lot of phone calls and was a great affordable medium in
order to try and sell the boat. I will definitely be using it in the future for both purchases and sales.

Sold to a guy from Louisiana. I will always list any boat I sell with you and recommend your venue to others…..I know it works……Thanks for providing the site.

My boat sold over the weekend! I’ve sold 4 boats now and every one has been sold from your site. You obviously get the best traffic from the most serious buyers…awesome!!


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