StowMaster Nets

Premium Products for the Great Outdoors

StowMaster® Premium Landing Nets fall under the umbrella of Norsemen Outdoors, Inc., a U.S. company based in Lake Mills, IA. Norsemen is totally dedicated to providing the highest quality, most innovative products to the leisure time industry.

Norsemen Outdoors, Inc.‘s portfolio of brands include StowMaster®, Fold-A-Way™ Landing Nets, ESP™ High Performance Ultralight Rods, and Mr. Walleye® Custom Fishing Rods. Every Norsemen product possesses groundbreaking design and are produced through sophisticated manufacturing processes.

The end result is some of the most convenient, versatile, and highest quality products available on the market. Anglers worldwide have come to recognize the Norsemen Outdoors brands as leaders in quality, durability and performance that enhance their time on the water.

StowMaster nets have been specially engineered and patented to be fish-friendly, ultra-strong, tangle-free and easy to stow. This combination of features has allowed them to produce the finest nets on the market today for a wide variety of fish species.

StowMaster landing nets are fully collapsible for easy storage and their minimal weight and engineered strength make them the perfect choice whether you’re salmon fishing in Alaska, charter fishing for trophies or bass fishing on your local pond. All StowMaster nets are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty, which is something the brand greatly prides itself in.

For most anglers, StowMaster nets are known for their folding, collapsible feature that makes storing the net much easier than the competition. Traditional landing nets are long, wide and tough to stow in any boat or vehicle. With hoop sizes ranging from a handy 14″ X 18″ to a greedy 36″ x 38″, StowMaster has built their reputation behind extreme quality and the ability to conveniently store one of the bulkiest items in your fishing arsenal.

Fish conservation is also a high priority at StowMaster. Their new Guardian™ netting utilizes a proprietary manufacturing process to treat the net mesh with a special elastomeric rubberized coating. The result is a knotless fish friendly mesh that provides the superior protection and anti-fouling/hooking performance of a full rubber net at a mere fraction of the weight. Extra strong multi-braid nylon inner core provides exceptional strength and durability versus traditional netting. Hoop frames and net handles are made from an aircraft-quality aluminum alloy that’s both light and strong. Net handles are designed not to slip or twist when you’re extending them – meaning the locking pin finds its home every time.

StowMaster has dialed in their landing nets down to the most minute detail. If you’re a serious fisherman and especially a tournament fisherman, having a high performance, durable net can make the difference between success and failure. Be sure to visit to learn more about the best net on the market today.


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