Smith Dialing in Performance

Pro Blake Smith Casts Career into Custom Rod Building

After meeting with MHX Rod Designer Todd Vivian and fishing with a custom rod, FLW Pro Angler Blake Smith was hooked on its high-performance. Blake Smith looks to use the confidence and performance of custom rod building to kick start his campaign in the 2017 FLW Tour.

After competing in an IFA Redfish event, Pro Angler Blake Smith took some time to practice in the diverse waters of Louisiana before the start of the FLW Tour. Entering his third year on the FLW Tour, Blake Smith has had plenty of experience trying out new equipment from manufacturers in the fishing industry.

Blake jokes testing those manufactured rods never took long, “It usually takes about 30 seconds to determine the difference between quality and a company’s attempt to just throw something into the market.”

This time while fishing with his custom HM-MB873 7’3” High-Mod Casting Rod, Smith hooked monster after monster and yanked each lunging largemouth bass back to the boat with ease. Blake witnessed the proven performance of MHX Rod Blanks and knew he was destined to embrace the craft of custom rod building.

When asked about his experience, Blake explains, “In most fishing applications, especially with bass, I’m looking for equal parts power and sensitivity in my rods,” and “my 7’3” High-Mod Casting Rod easily meets this balance, so I always look to this rod for an extra boost in my fishing performance.”

Effortlessly hooking and reeling in fish after fish, Blake realized there are many competitive advantages inherent to building and fishing with custom rods. From the rod blank and guides, to the reel seat and handle assembly, custom rod building is the best way to optimize your rod and MHX partner Mud Hole is the perfect place to start improving your fishing performance and experience.

MHX Blanks Power Blake’s Rod Building

MHX has dedicated the development of each rod blank series as an answer to the needs of anglers in each fishing application. In other words, MHX Blanks are designed to bring the highest performance to fishing applications determined by specific environments, techniques, and species.

Whether you’re in the brackish inshore waters of Louisiana, punchin’ mats along a shoreline, or fishing for largemouth bass, MHX has the best blank to get the job done. For instance, IFA and FLW Pro Blake Smith wanted a cross-over rod blank that could have the power and sensitivity to catch both redfish and bass.

Once he used the HM-MB873 7’3” High-Mod Casting Rod, Blake knew he had a rod that could exceed his expectations in both fishing applications. Smith loved the custom confidence and performance from this MHX Blank. Fishing with one incredible custom rod on his boat, Blake Smith couldn’t wait to build more.

Now with a whole line of Blake Smith Pro Tour Rod Kits built on performance driven MHX Rod Blanks, Blake’s ready to tackle the challenges of competitive bass fishing on the 2017 FLW Tour.

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