Schade and Bliss Drop a Mille Lacs Mega Bag and Bass on the Scale!

Duo Has Dream Day on the Water and Captures Major League Series Win

“My whole body is still sore” chuckled Jason Schade as Classic Bass chatted with him via phone on Monday.

Schade and his partner, Dustin Bliss experienced a day on the water this past Sunday that they will never forget.  Competing in the second and final Major League Series (MLS) event on Mille Lacs for the year, the team was sitting in seventh place after the first day with a five-bass limit weighing 22.25 lb’s, by no means a small bag.

But as the bass fishing world has come to take notice of, Mille Lacs is ranked the number one bass fishery in the United States for a reason, there are some absolute MEGA sized smallmouth and right now is the time they are biting as they prepare for the Minnesota winter ahead of them.

Schade and Bliss with their hardware. (Photo: MLS)

During their practice Dustin relied heavily on looking at his Lowrance electronics to locate isolated boulders that the team could target from the mid-day point to the end of the day during the tournament.

Schade focused his time on locating one or two schools of smallmouth that the team could begin their day on and catch a 20 to 22 pound limit.  “You have to be able to catch them multiple ways because at least one of those ways is going to phase out during the event,” stated Jason.

The team had confidence that their starting two spots had a good sized school of smallmouth on them from quickly checking it two days before the tournament.  To begin the second day of the event, they amassed a solid 20 pound limit by generating a reaction strike out of the smallmouth by fishing a jig.

Once it got to around 10:30, they began targeting their isolated boulders by drop shoting a Strike King Dream Shot and began upgrading their limit slowly, but surely.  Then with about 20 to 25 minutes left Dustin hooked up with the King Kong of Mille Lacs, a 7.25 lb smallmouth!

“I think one of the key differences to our presentation was that we were using a 3/4 ounce weight on our drop shot,” stated Schade.  “The bass weren’t hitting when the bait was sitting, you had to drop it right on their head and that bigger weight got that reaction bite.”

Schade and Bliss’ day two weight was an amazing 28.10 lb’s and that 7.25 captured the big bass award.  The team’s two-day total weight of 50.35 lb’s garnered them the win.  “I can’t thank Dustin enough, he has taught me so much about setting up, reading and understanding my Lowrance electronics,” said Jason.  “Relying on those units was definitely the difference maker for us.”

Over the two day MLS event, six smallmouth over six pounds were weighed in and the top three big bass were, 7.25, 6.92 and then a 6.88…talk about some hefty bronzebacks!

Mark and Ryan Raveling are your MLS Team of the Year winners. (Photo: MLS)

Wrapping up the MLS Team of the Year Award was the father-son team of Mark and Ryan Raveling, who will earn invitations to a Classic Bass Champions Tour event in 2018.  Current Classic Bass Champions Tour anglers Brian Wood and Nathan Whiting were the runner’s up in the Team of the Year Standings.

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