Nothing Beats Building a Custom Fishing Rod

For starters, there is no feeling like the pride of catching fish on a custom rod built with your own hands. But that is the short answer, the more technical answer is offered in length throughout this selection below.

Factory manufactured rods work and have for years however, custom rod building fine tunes your equipment to match your fishing style with incredible performance.

Are Custom Fishing Rods a Want and a Need?

This is a difficult question, but considering custom rod building is an inexpensive, rewarding craft that dramatically increases the performance of your fishing rod, we suggest trying it!

Building a custom fishing rod that is tailored to your abilities will certainly help you catch fish, and we’ve heard that having multiple custom rods, geared for various fishing applications, is the angler’s key to happiness.

Find Power in Custom Fishing Rods

Performance—Finding the spine of a rod blank is the first step to rod building, and it also happens to be the step that leads to the best possible performance from the blank itself. Factory built rods give you no certainty that they took the time to accurately find the spine of the rod blank. Correctly locating the spine, and then building the rod accordingly guarantees maximum power as well as performance.

Options—While selecting the blank, handle assembly, reel seat, and all the custom components in between, you’ll realize the finished product is tailored to both your fishing and personal style. Let’s say you want a cork split grip handle with marbling accents and tiger thread wraps on titanium guides, the best way is to build it yourself.

Weight—With the largest selection of custom rod building components one click away, your preferences determine the weight of the finished product. If you find yourself leisurely fishing with a bobber on the weekends, weight might not be a huge factor. On the other hand, if you’re competing and slingin’ a spinnerbait for 10 hours a day, a lightweight custom rod will work wonders on the water by improving overall fishing performance while reducing fatigue.

Expense—In the market of custom rod building, price points vary to suit the individual needs of anglers. If you’re looking for a place to start, complete rod kits are available for less than $50. Or if you are a professional fisherman in need of higher end products that keep the competitive edge in your corner, simply select the best option for your needs.

Recreation—Many anglers have fallen for custom rod building and the benefits it brings. Some start rod building as a weekend hobby, but quickly find it’s a craft that can easily become a lifestyle. Whether personalizing a rod for a holiday gift, customizing intricate thread wraps for yourself, or even optimizing components to capture an ultra-performance, custom rod building is the avenue to travel down.

Custom Rods Create Custom Performance

Shopping for factory always leads to settling for what is deemed good enough, whereas in custom rod building, settling is never an option. Since you have complete control from start to finish, custom rod building is literally what you make it.

Custom rod building marries your wildest concepts to actual components. If you want a distinct blank diameter, or particular handle shape, you can find it and then build it. Bringing the luxury of the most modern and technologically advanced materials as well as the techniques to match, custom rod building is the only way to get exactly what you want as an avid angler.

For instance, rod balance is a factor often overlooked in factory fishing poles, but not in custom rod building. The stress and strain fishermen experience from unbalanced factor rods leads to unnecessary fatigue on the water. Building your own rod allows you to ensure it is balanced, so you can avoid the fatigue to increase your time and pleasure catching fish.

The Lesson From Custom Fishing Rods

Custom rod building is exactly what you make it, so make your own fishing rod soon and make it awesome. Remember, there is no comparison to the confidence inherent in a custom fishing rod, go check out these all-inclusive Turnkey Kits to get started today!



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