Minnesota BASS Nation Promotes Clean Waters via Recycling

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Participation in the Pitch It and ReBaits Programs Benefit Minnesota Lakes and Rivers

Since 2012, the Minnesota BASS Nation has been participating in the Pitch It – Keep America Fishing and ReBaits programs.  These national programs have the goal of reducing/preventing anglers from littering used plastic baits both on the water and at the boat ramp, along with extending the life of soft plastic baits.  The used baits are collected by the BASS Nation, recycled and then distributed to Minnesota Junior Bassmasters.

Over the course of the 2017 season, the top five Minnesota BASS Nation clubs turned in the following amount of used soft plastic baits:

  1. Central Bassmasters – 43 lb’s
  2. Metro Hawg Hunters – 37.4 lb’s
  3. Gopher Bassmasters – 32 lb’s
  4. Prior Lake Hooksetters – 26.2 lb’s
  5. Loon State Bassmasters – 22 lb’s

The top two youth Minnesota BASS Nation clubs for 2017 were:

  1. Stellar Bassmasters – 38.5 lb’s
  2. Pequot Lakes High School – 10.4 lb’s

For their efforts, the first place adult and youth team will receive a $325 Jackall Lure package and the second placing teams will receive a $175 lure package from Jackall.

Overall the Minnesota BASS Nation helped keep 286.9 lb’s of soft plastics out of Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and landfills.

For more information on the program, you can visit:  http://mnbfn.org/conservation/rebaits.html 

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