MHX Pro Jessey Rudolph Celebrates BFL Win

Rudolph Enters Pro Fishing the Right Way

If you are familiar with the Bass Tournament scene in Florida, you know Jessey Rudolph. Energetic, dedicated, and talented, Jesse Rudolph is proud to let his fishing speak for itself.

Professional fishing has a very high fail rate and new names arise every year, but Jessey Rudolph has laid the groundwork as a co-angler to start his pro-career the right way. Some of the biggest names in professional fishing started out as incredible co-anglers and so far, Rudolph is no different.

In the professional fishing industry, the ones who walk before they run, are typically the leading anglers in the years to come. Jesse Rudolph is primed for success not only because of his talent, but because of his unwavering dedication and upstanding character.

Not only is he a talented angler and rod builder, Jessey is also a humble, all-around great guy that fishing fans just can’t help but root for.

Winning BFL Wins Jesse Rudolph a New Boat

After the ups and down of pre-tournament practice, Jesse felt ready to blast off on the first day. But, although Jessey outlasted a tough day one, he only had 6 bites.

Looking ahead to the next day, Rudolph knew when you fish clean, good things happen. “I custom build my rod with MHX blanks and know exactly what each rod can do and it really has helped me out here,” Jessey reasons.

Jessey fished a jerkbait alongside the edges of the notorious Lake Seminole hydrilla, while also throwing a fluke on the EPS86MHF to get a few bites. Rudolph then switched to flippin’ the FP937 with the big weight to fill out his limit.

Day two comes and Jessey and his boater make a 30min run up the river to a stretch with matted hydrilla with few boats in the area. He again relied heavily on the FP937 for punching the matted hydrilla, but also got a couple bites with the frog that he threw on the FP885, which also happens to be the rod that John Cox fished to victory in the FLW Cup last August.

“Both the FP885 and FP937 continue to amaze me in their fishing and fish catching ability. I feel like I could just carry those two while in the state of Florida and be in the hunt. I would love to see the look on my boater’s face if I only showed up with two rods,” jokes Rudolph.

Day 3 started slower, but Jessey felt confident using his flippin’ stick and just kept his head down. After 5 bites, Rudolph landed all 5 to fill his limit. “The weigh in seemed to take forever as I really felt I had enough to take the win” Jessey explains, now knowing he’s right. When the final weight was called, Jessey was the last man standing.

Rudolph immediately jumped off stage to hug his dad, the main inspiration in his life and his #1 fan. “Dad and I fish and hunt together every chance we get and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Jessey says with a giant smile.

Watching this moment streamed live via Facebook with over 150 viewers and all his friends cheering him on, really speaks for who Jessey Rudolph is and why he loves fishing.

With this BFL win, Rudolph qualifies to fish in the BFL All American and also enjoys the prize of a Certificate for a Ranger Bass boat worth over $45,000!

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