Maintain Your Boat With Help From Skeeter Boat Center

Summer Maintenance Suggestions for your Boat

The fishing season is in full swing. Bass are loading up in their summer haunts, walleyes are biting out deep and musky fishing is getting better by the day. With so many fishing opportunities taking place throughout June, July and August here in the Midwest, it can be easy to place boat maintenance on the back burner. Even though time on the water is of the essence in the Summer, putting off key boat and motor checkups can be a recipe for disaster.

Classic Bass sat down with the experts at Skeeter Boat Center to discuss what a boat owner should pay attention to and have maintained during the fishing season. There are very few Yamaha Master Technicians in the Mid-West and the fact that SBC has two of them puts them at the top of the list for any of your service or parts needs. Their service technicians are also certified to work on other outboard brands and Minn Kota products. Here’s their list of items to place a priority on!

Water Pump and Impeller Replacement

A standard practice with general maintenance and something that should be done at least every 100 hours

During the season, outboards can suck up weeds, sand and other material that harm both of these components

Fuel Treatment and Ethanol Breakdown

This is something that can be done at home and/or at the gas pump. There are several fuel treatment products on the market such as YamaLube Ring Free Plus

Ethanol break down happens faster than you think. SBC recommends that you ALWAYS treat your fuel

Untreated gas wreaks havoc on carbureted motors!

10, 20 and 100 Hour Services

If you have a relatively new motor, 10, 20 and 100 hour checks are crucial to overall performance. These checkups are quick and easy to do

If your motor has 100 hours or more you shouldn’t stop having checkups! At the very least your rig should be tended to every 100 hours throughout its lifetime.

Prop Repair vs Replacement

If the worst happens, and you end up with a damaged or dinged prop, repair is a cheap alternative to replacement with stainless. This all depends on the extent of the damage

Your motor should always be checked out after a significant encounter with a rock, log or other obstruction. Slight lower unit and prop shaft damage that goes untreated can result in major issues

Trailer Bearings and Hubs

Trailer maintenance is extremely important as well. After all, it’s what gets you to the lake!

Feel for heat on your hubs when towing and inspect for grease and oil leaking. Look at your hub itself to insure performance

Trailer Alignment, Tire Pressure and Tire Wear

Highway chatter and uneven tire ware can easily be fixed with a trailer alignment

Tire pressure is often overlooked and can cause premature and uneven tire wear




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