Unique Corporate Opportunities with Kruger Farms

Team Building, Corporate Rewards and Stocking Up for Next Season with KrugerFarms.com

The time-old company golf outing, or taking valued customers and/or sales reps out on the links, is still a popular corporate activity, but as more and more individuals trace their roots to the waters and woods, these individuals in corporate America love being on the water or in the woods, compared to walking the links!

Our friends at Kruger Farms have some great options for companies to hold a corporate offsite meeting or event or set up a corporate rewards program for their employees or customers. Groups of up to 20 can head out to the “Farm” and sample some of Minnesota’s great fishing and hunting opportunities with Kruger Farms experienced guide staff.

At the same time, if your sales team hits their monthly goal, or maybe the production team exceeds their quality control standards or didn’t have any safety issues, you can reward them for any of these milestones with fishing or hunting gear from the KrugerFarms.com Pro Shop, or a KrugerFarms.com gift card lets them pick out that highly desired item.

Since 2007 Kruger Farms has provided online sales of some of the finest brands in the industry for the fishing and hunting enthusiast. Their team consists of professional outdoor guides with years of experience in scouting, hunting, and fishing. These individuals know what products work because they have pushed them to their limits.

Even though it is August and this year’s fishing season in the Midwest is on the back end, now is time to start looking at your fishing gear for next season, as throughout the rest of the year, the Kruger Farms Pro Shop will be running a 20% off sale on all of their fishing rods!

And if you are looking for some new outdoor gear to sport in the field, at the gym or just around town, you can stock up on your favorite Under Armour apparel as they are running an “as supplies last” sale at the Pro Shop in Starbuck for 50% off!

Krugerfarms.com is an excellent place to find your fishing and hunting gear for the season. The company is looking forward to the continued growth of their website and online presence, but don’t forget about the Kruger Farms store and lodge in beautiful Starbuck, MN. They have created a truly special place, and if the opportunity arises, contact them for an event or work function and you won’t be disappointed! Remember that Kruger Farms is always available to answer questions on hunting tips, gear recommendations, or if you want to learn more about the products available at krugerfarms.com.


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