How To Search For A Tournament

Searching for tournaments that match the location, date and other criteria you desire is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Click on “Tournaments” in the drop-down menu bar

2. To refine the search to specific states, click on “State/Prov.”

3. Click on the box next to the state or states you want to search, then make sure to uncheck the “ALL” box.

4. Click “Apply” to close this window and move back to the rest of the search criteria.

5. To add a date range to your search, click on “Start Date” and select the desired date.

6. Click the “End Date” box and select the desired end date.

7. If you would like to fish a specific tournament format, such as team, individual or boater/non-boater, click on the “Tournament Type” box and make your selection.

8. When you have finished refining your search criteria, click the orange “Apply” button.

9. You can now scroll down through the tournaments fitting your criteria.

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