High Finisher’s from Pokegama Share Their Secrets

Here’s the rest of our top 6 from Lake Pokegama and the Classic Bass Champions Tour to share how they caught their fish during a day that brought fairly tough conditions!

2nd Place- Austin Felix

3rd Place- Brad Leifermann

“I got lucky that the lake split happened the way it did, as it benefited me well,” said Brad.  Brad started on a weedline, that had a point of cabbage on it that produced four to five bass right away for him, including his biggest of the day.  Like many of the other top finishing anglers, Brad fished docks during the second half of the day, but ended up targeting windblown docks, as these hadn’t been fished by other anglers.  “I think fishing my vibrating jig was key as I think the quality of bass it produced was bigger.”  Brad made a late day decision to make a long run and attempt to make up the ground on first place by fishing some offshore weed clumps that held some big fish in practice.  “Since I knew I had a good gap between myself and fourth and fifth place I took the chance to try and get on a school, that is the cool thing about the Champions Tour format.  I can’t thank Classic Bass enough for the opportunity to compete on the Champions Tour this year and am excited to be going to Florida with Scott this winter!”

4th Place- Mark Courts

5th Place- Dean Capra

Dean had the game plan to target smallmouth during the first half of the day, hoping that the other Champions Tour anglers would opt to pursue Pokegama’s largemouth, but this didn’t occur.  “More guys were fishing for smallmouth than I thought there would be,” said Dean.  “I did get a few nice ones right away, but after that it got tough.”  The wind during the first half made fishing docks very difficult, so Dean finished the day throwing a vibrating jig.  Like many of the other top-finishing anglers, targeting boat docks was Capra’s strategy during the second half of the day.  Dean opted for a tube bait and jig for his presentations.  “It looks like I should’ve gave a Senko a try,” laughed Dean.

6th Place- Brad Leuthner

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