Gussy Grinds it Out on Guntersville for a Check

FLW Tour Pro Begins 2017 Season in 2016 Form!

I caught up with Gussy as he was beginning his journey from Alabama to Texas, we laughed about the fact he left his home in Canada to get away from the cold, but the last week fishing on Guntersville required angler’s to bundle and layer up to stay warm!

“I’m very, very excited to get to Texas, put on some shorts and flip-flops and take in some sun,” laughed Gussy.

As many Tour pro’s noted, fishing on the famed Lake Guntersville was as tough as it was cold and bass were still in a late winter/very early spring pattern.  “It was a grinder for sure, besides my one flipping spot on day 2, I never caught a fish in the same spot,” said Gussy.

Photo Feb 02, 6 58 12 AM

In practice Gussy and traveling partner, Brandon McMillian confer throughout the day as to what they are seeing on the water and because of this each angler benefited in the event.  Brandon found an area in practice that had some good fish biting a lipless crankbait, so Gussy found a similar area and began each day of the tournament on it, resulting in a 5 lb fish to start each day on a Jackall TN70 lipless crankbait.

On day 1, Gussy fished around the rest of the day with a Jackall Squad Minnow 115 jerkbait to get three more keepers, then in the last 30 minutes caught his limit bass up shallow flipping some mats he found.

“These mats were thick and shallow, it was really weird, but there were bass in them,” said Gussy.  “Even a 1 ¼ oz tungsten weight would only get through it every third time or so.”

Gussy’s day 1 limit weighed 15 lb 11 oz, which gave Gussy the start he was hoping for.  Following his quick stop on the offshore spot and another 5 lb fish to start the day, Gussy ran back to his flipping area and boated four keepers in about 15 minutes and then that was it for the day.  His day two limited weighed 13 lb 12 oz, giving him a two day total of 29 lb 7 oz and a final place of 22nd, which comes with a nice $10,000 check and points for the Forest Wood Cup.

Day 2:  Gussy is all smiles to get another limit at the stingy Lake Guntersville event

Day 2: Gussy is all smiles to get another limit at the stingy Lake Guntersville event (FLW)

As Gussy noted in our last chat with him, “Starting the season off on a bad note, is tough as you need to work uphill the rest of the year to get back into the Cup standings.”

Well Gussy avoided this start of the season hole!

Before beginning practice on Lake Travis, Gussy will fish Lake Fork with fellow northern pro Andy Young this week to fulfill some sponsor obligations.  As for Travis, Gussy feels he’ll be right at home as the lake is a deep, clear lake and the bass should be pre-spawn.

Good luck in Texas Gussy, enjoy the sun and we’ll catch up with him following the event.



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