Frabill Releases Affordable Oxygen!

Frabill wants to keep your fish kickin’! Provides pure oxygen for up to 50 gallons. No more excuses for dead fish or dead bait!

Plano, IL (February 17, 2015) – Almost every fishing boat has a livewell. Some have dedicated baitwells, too. Most rely on pumps to re-circulate water – an important function that regulates water temperature, removes the buildup of toxins like ammonia, and introduces oxygen – to help keep fish and bait alive. But how well are the livewells and baitwells on your boat actually working?

The best way to improve livewell and baitwell performance is to introduce more dissolved oxygen. And the best way to accomplish this is to install a workmanlike Frabill AQUA LIFE Dual Output 12V DC Aerator.

When simple water recirculation won’t cut it, AQUA LIFE Aerators use industry proven technology coupled with Frabill’s engineering excellence to deliver near 100% dissolved oxygen in up to 50 gallons of fresh or saltwater – precisely what your bass, shrimp and shiners need to stay alive and strong.

Boasting dual pumps, 10 feet of flexible air hose, two air stones, two anti-siphon valves and a t-connector, a single AQUA LIFE Dual Output 12V DC Aerator can be rigged to provide supplemental oxygen to one or two different wells. Simple, customized installation is a snap in the boat or shop, thanks to direct, 12-volt power and Frabill’s thoughtful inclusion of flexible mounting hardware.


AQUA LIFE Dual Output 12V DC Aerator
Model Number 14213

-Includes 10 feet of flexible air hose, 2 each 2″ long air stones, t-connector, 2 anti-siphon valves
-6′ Power cord with copper battery clips
-Lightweight, proven design
-Dual pumps aerate up to 50 gallons in one or two separate containers or livewells
-Flexible mounting hardware for boat or shop
-Produces almost 100% Dissolved Oxygen
-Corrosion resistant design for fresh or saltwater applications
-Rubber non-marking feet

Cure your sick livewell or baitwell. The powerful but lightweight Frabill AQUA LIFE Dual Output 12V DC Aerator is the perfect solution for the delivery of high performance, cost-effective oxygenation whenever a 12-volt power source is required. Frabill’s AQUA LIFE family of Aerators also includes two 110-volt models for added convenience when used in the home, garage or shop.

Frabill’s AQUA LIFE aeration products are the perfect prescription. So, get well soon.

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