Classic Bass Champions Tour Angler Profiles- Part III

2017 Anglers in this group consist of Pat Martin, Jim Moynagh, Andy Nitchals, Will Pappa, Bob Perkins, Matt Peters and Steve Quinn. Stay tuned to Classic Bass for the remaining list of anglers that will be participating in the 2017 Classic Bass Champions Tour Presented by Skeeter Boats and Yamaha Outboards

(Last Names M-Q)

Name:  Pat Martin
Hometown:  Richmond, MN
Years Tournament Fishing:  30
Current Tournament Circuit:  Amateur Bass Series, Denny’s Super 30 Minnesota,  Dick Hiley St. Jude Bass Classic, Granite City Invitational
Tournament Wins:
– Amateur Bass Series Championship (2016)
– Amateur Bass Series (2016, twice in 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2011)
– Big Bass Bonanza (2009 and 2008)
– Chevrolet Silverado Pro-Am Bass Tour Championship (2008 and 2010)
– Chevrolet Silverado Pro-Am Bass Tour (2008 and 2009)
– Denny’s Super 30 Minnesota (2016, 2015 and 2014)
– Dick Hiley St. Jude Bass Classic (2004 and 2012)
– Fishers of Men Legacy Series (2011 and 2010)
– Granite City Invitational (2014 – 2016)
– Minnesota Pro Team Bass Tour State Championship (2010 and 2012)
– Super 6 Series (Twice in 2015 and 2013)
– Upper Midwest Bass Challenge Series (2014 and 2013)
Tournament Accomplishments:
– Super 6 Series Team of the Year (2016)
– Denny’s Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year (2014)
– Upper Midwest Bass Challenge Series Team of the Year (2013)
– Minnesota Pro Team Bass Series Team of the Year (2012)
Noteworthy Items:
Pat has fished every Dick Hiley St. Jude Bass Classic invite and has been a member of one of the top fundraising teams annually.  In addition, Pat was boat captain to the Rocori High School bass fishing team that won the Minnesota State Championship.

Name:  Jim Moynagh
Hometown:  Carver, MN
Years Tournament Fishing:  22
Current Tournament Circuit:  Costa Series Southwestern Division, FLW Tour
Tournament Wins:
– FLW Tour, Lake Minnetonka (1997)
– Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship (Five Times)
Tournament Accomplishments:
– Over $1.5 million in tournament winnings

Name:  Andy Nitchals
Hometown:  Willmar, MN
Years Tournament Fishing:  25
Current Tournament Circuit:  North American Bass Circuit
Tournament Wins:
– West Central Fall Classic, Green Lake (2015)
– North American Bass Circuit, Lake Vermillion (2014)
Tournament Accomplishments:
– BASS Federation Nation National Championship Qualifier (2011)
– BASS Federation Nation Northern Divisional Qualifier (Seven Times)
– Minnesota BASS Nation TOC, Lake Minnetonka, 2nd place (2016)
– North American Bass Circuit Team of the Year, 3rd place (2016)
– North American Bass Circuit Team of the Year, 2nd place (2015)

Will Pappa
Hometown:  Lonsdale, MN
Years Tournament Fishing:  15
Current Tournament Circuit:  Denny’s Super 30, Fishers of Men, Minnesota BASS Nation, North American Bass Circuit
Tournament Wins:
– North American Bass Circuit, Madison Chain of Lakes
– Minnesota Twin’s Pro-Am
Tournament Accomplishments:
– North American Bass Circuit Championship Qualifier (2012 – 2016)
– North American Bass Circuit Team of the Year
– North American Bass Circuit (Five Top-5 Finishes in four years)

Name:  Bob Perkins
Hometown:  Crosslake, MN
Years Tournament Fishing:  11
Current Tournament Circuit:  Minnesota Bass Federation TOC, Minnesota BASS Nation TOC, North American Bass Circuit
Tournament Wins:
– MT3, Leech Lake and Gull Lake (2015)
– Minnesota Bass Federation State Champion (2012)
– BASS Federation Northern Divisional, First Place Team (2011)
– North American Bass Circuit, Escanaba, MI (2011)
– Excel Team, Leech Lake (2011)
– Minnesota Bass Federation State Champion (2010)
– BASS Federation Northern Divisional, MN State Champion (2010)
– TBF Regional , Minnesota Bass Federation State Champion (2009)
Tournament Accomplishments:
– Minnesota Bass Federation, Gull Lake, 2nd place (2015)
– TBF National Championship Qualifier (2014)
– BASS Federation Northern Divisional Qualifier (2013)
– North American Bass Circuit TOC, 5th place (2012)
– Camp Confidence Tournament, 2nd place (2012)
Noteworthy Items:
Bob is annual participant and fundraiser for the Camp Confidence tournament and is also the Chair on the Crosslakers Water Quality and Environmental Rescue Team.

Name:  Matt Peters
Hometown:  Waconia, MN
Years Tournament Fishing:  17
Current Tournament Circuit:  Kenora Bass International, North American Bass Circuit, Sturgeon Bay Open
Tournament Wins:
– Denny’s Super 30
– Denny’s Super 30 Minnesota, Whitefish Chain – Twice
– Doug Mientkiewicz Bass Fishing Classic
– Hotrod Classic
Tournament Accomplishments:
– FLW Tour – Co-Angler, Lake Ouachita, 3rd place
– FLW Tour – Co-Angler, Forest Wood Cup, Lake Lanier, 4th place
– Sturgeon Bay Open, 20th place (2016)
– Kenora Bass Invitational, 22nd place (2016)
– Denny’s Super 30, 4th place (2011)
– Randy Moss Invitational, 11th place (2005)
Noteworthy Items:
Matt was selected to participate in the 2012 Governors Fishing Open on Lake Waconia and guided the Lt. Governor.  Matt was also selected to fish in the 3M Corporate Fishing Tournament the past four years and has fished with Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin.

Name:  Steve Quinn
Hometown:  Brainerd, MN
Years Tournament Fishing:  41
Tournament Wins:
– Gander Mountain Invitational, Gull Lake
– Classic Bass Invitational, Whitefish Chain
– Denny’s Super 30 Minnesota, Lake Alexander – Twice
Tournament Accomplishments:
– New York State BASS Federation Sportsman of the Year
– Northern Divisional Qualifier, 10-times
– TBF National Championship Qualifier, Grand Lake
– BassFan World Championship Qualifier, Pickwick Lake
– Range Bassmasters, 4-Time Angler of the Year
– Bass Ass Award, Billy Westmoreland Invitational Tournament, Dale Hollow Lake
Noteworthy Items:
Steve currently serves as the editor to In-Fisherman magazine and is a member of the National Fresh Water Fishing Fall of Fame.  He also received the Excellence in Public Outreach award from the American Fisheries Society and the Outstanding Layperson in Education (OLE) award from the Brainerd United Educators.  Currently Steve also is a Boat Captain for the TBF and Bass Federation Junior Bassmasters and High School Bass anglers and has served as a volunteer guide for the Camp Confidence Fishing Classic the past 24



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