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Category Archives: Tackle Tech

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U-40 Cork Seal Preserves Cork Fishing Grips
Cork Seal Main Image

When it comes to fishing rod handles, cork has been a popular grip material for ages. Bringing a traditional look and feel to any fishing rod, cork grips have many benefits, but that’s not the whole story. It’s no secret that cork grips look great on fishing rods handles. Whether they are traditional full grips, […]

Custom Rod Building Improves Fishing Performance
Custom Rod Building Main Image

Custom Rod Building Improves Fishing Performance Setting the hook and reeling in fish on a custom fishing rod, made with your own hands, creates a feeling of pride and confidence that no factory rod can beat. Whether building a rod for specific species, techniques, or environments, custom fishing rods dial-in your skills and equipment to […]

Tips for Installing Guides on a Custom Casting Rod
Main Image

Guide selection can seem intimidating given the all the available options however, the right choice isn’t hard if you understand how each guide is used and installed. Over the last 10 years, the technology of casting guides has grown tremendously. Years ago, lightweight casting rods were built with all double-footed guides, but now you tend […]

Micro Guides: the Small Way to Get Big Performance
Main Image

For years, rod builders have been debating and rating micro guides. These guides used to be rare, but now micro guides are readily available and much more popular in modern angling. Although micro guides have recently become more popular, few fishermen really know why. Going with Micro guides certainly has its pros and cons. But, […]

Top 5 Rod Building Mistakes to Avoid
Main Image

The phrase “practice makes perfect” applies to many things, but it certainly has its place in custom rod building. Custom rod building can be a fun hobby, a cool craft, or even a paying profession, so understanding the tips, tricks, and tools of the trade will help you become a more efficient rod builder. Here […]

9 Easy Steps for Creating Trim Bands
main image

9 Easy Steps for Creating Trim Bands Trim bands help take your custom fishing rod one step further by adding a unique decorative pop. Creating a trim band is a fun and simple way to add decoration, so check out how to enhance your custom rod with that perfect personalized touch. Trim bands are often […]

4 Steps To Building Checkerboard Cork Handles
Main Image

4 Steps To Building Checkerboard Cork Handles Building a custom checkerboard cork grip is a cool craft that creates intricate yet functional artwork on your handle assembly. Using just a few tools, a little practice, and some creativity, you will build a checkerboard cork handle as unique as you. Required Equipment & Tools Beginning with […]

3 Steps To Replace Your Broken Fishing Rod Guides
Main Image

  3 Steps To Replace Your Broken Fishing Rod Guides Guides, or eyes, function to lead the line down the rod blank and out the tip-top. Sometimes a guide, or even its insert ring may crack, chip, or come off completely. Fishing without a damaged guide is a migraine that will only make a bigger […]

MHX Introduces Elite Pro Series Rod Blanks
Main Image

MHX Introduces Elite Pro Series Rod Blanks In the world of fishing, MHX hooked its market by designing, molding, and manufacturing rod blanks that excel in specific fishing applications. MHX rod blanks are now widely recognized for outperforming competitive brands in each application. The latest line of MHX rod blanks—the Elite Pro Series—are no different. […]

How to Find the Right Rod Building Thread
Main Image

How to Find the Right Rod Building Thread Threads for custom rod building come in countless colors, sizes, and applications. Finding the right thread for your wrapping purpose is easy once you understand the differences in thread diameter, color, and treatments. More About Wrapping Thread Although the world of wrapping thread seems vast, knowing the […]