Best Bass Fishing Books

Grab a Book and Read Up on Bass Fishing this Off-Season!

Many anglers today, especially young anglers, absorb their fishing information and insights from the internet. A quick search provides articles, blogs, videos and more that give searchers the information that they are looking for. But don’t forget about books… They are several excellent reads out there that more than meet the needs of anglers who are hungry for valuable bass fishing information. Some might say that this option is something from the past, but the information that is contained is timeless.

And what better way to spend a cold winter day in the Midwest than reading a good old fishing book. From past experience and a bit of research we compiled a list of books that you should dive into this winter!

Knowing Bass by Keith A. Jones, PhD– This book is a very informative and provides insight on bass behavior. A book that will truly teach you why bass do what they do.

Secrets of a Champion– A book by Kevin Van Dam that discusses his tournament winning ways. The book contains great bass fishing tips as well as how to become a better tournament fisherman.

Fishing on the Edge– Mike Iaconelli is just too entertaining not to read and gives you a glimpse into Ike’s full story!

Critical Concepts- In-Fisherman’s “Critical Concepts” series is hard to beat when it comes to timeless fishing tips for all species.

The Bass Angler’s Almanac- This book contains tons of valuable information and bass fishing tips that will help you the next time you’re on the water.

Doug Hannon’s Big Bass Magic- Most every bass fisherman associates the name Doug Hannon with big bass. Big Bass Magic focuses specifically and putting giants in the boat!

Roland Martin’s 101 Bass Catching Secrets- An absolute classic in the bass fishing world. Roland Martin is one of the best, if not the best, bass fisherman to ever make a cast.

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