At Classic Bass, we’ve been advocating for the local angler for nearly two decades. Classic Bass began as a federation club in 1994.

The original members quickly realized that there wasn’t a comprehensive resource for local bass fishing tournaments. Each tournament had its own newsletter or mailing list, and it was easy for tournaments to slip through the cracks.

We decided to take things into our own hands by creating a newsletter listing as many local tournaments as we could find. This was the beginning of our key relationships with local tournament directors, and those relationships still sustain Classic Bass today.

As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones who were eager for a one-stop resource for local bass fishing tournaments. Our newsletter quickly grew so popular that we could hardly keep up with demand.

In order to continue providing the best resources to local anglers, we launched a website in 1996 which continued to grow over the years.

With a major redesign and expansion in 2013, Classic Bass is aiming to be the nation’s most comprehensive resource for local bass fishing tournaments.

Classic Bass Original Newsletter (click to view)


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