Custom Rod Building Improves Fishing Performance

Custom Rod Building Improves Fishing Performance

Setting the hook and reeling in fish on a custom fishing rod, made with your own hands, creates a feeling of pride and confidence that no factory rod can beat.

Whether building a rod for specific species, techniques, or environments, custom fishing rods dial-in your skills and equipment to ultimately enhance your overall performance.

Custom rod building is exactly what you make it, so visit Mud Hole today to make your experience, performance, and fishing rod the best it can be!

The P.O.W.E.R. behind Custom Fishing Rods

Performance—Finding the spine of a rod blank is the first step of rod building. Locating and labeling the spine helps build the fishing rod around its true backbone to tap into the ultimate potential of the rod blank. Factory manufactured rods give no guarantees when it comes to accurately assembling the fishing rod around its spine. Correctly locating the spine, and then building the rod around it provokes maximum power as well as performance from your custom fishing rod.

Options—From selecting the blank, handle assembly, and reel seat, to all the custom components in between, you’ll realize the finished fishing rod is tailor-made for your fishing skills as well as personal style. If you want an 8’6” rod blank with MHX Winn split grips, marbling accents, and tiger thread wraps on titanium guides, the best and only way is to build it yourself.

Weight—With the largest and most diverse selection of custom rod building components one click away, each of your preferences determine the finished product’s total weight. If you find yourself leisurely fishing with a bobber on the weekends, weight is probably not the biggest factor. On the other hand, if you’re competing and casting a crankbait for 10 hours a day, a lightweight custom rod will work wonders on the water by reducing fatigue and improving overall fishing performance.

Expense—In the industry of custom rod building, price points vary to satisfy the individual needs of anglers. If you’re looking for a place to start, complete rod kits are available for less than $50. Or if you are a professional fisherman in need of the higher end products that keep the competitive edge in your corner, simply select the best option for your fishing pursuits.

Recreation—Many anglers look to custom rod building for its added benefits in performance, but this craft brings so much more. Some start rod building as a weekend hobby, but quickly find it’s a cool, fun craft that easily becomes a lifestyle. Whether customizing components for a competitive boost, or just adding intricate thread wraps for aesthetics, custom rod building leads the fishing industry in performance and satisfaction.

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8 Steps To Completing Your Custom Fishing Rod

Revisit these 8 simple rod building steps to bring that high-performance custom fishing rod of your dreams to reality:

Step 1: Find The Spine

Step 2: Build The Rod’s Handle

Step 3: Mount The Reel Seat

Step 4: Install The Foregrip

Step 5: Install Tip Top Guide

Step 6: Prep Rod Guides

Step 7: Wrap Guides

Step 8: Apply Epoxy Finish

Custom rod building is easier than ever with these new, all-inclusive Turnkey Rod Kits so start building your custom rod today!


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