4 Quick Factors for Buying Fishing Rod Blanks

Capture the perfect performance for your fishing rod blank by doing the research and finding out which rod blank is the best fit.

Reminders for Blank Shopping:

From action and power to application and design, there are blanks engineered to catch anything and everything in the water.

Don’t be overwhelmed, just use these helpful hints!

1. Look for a Large Selection

For starters, choosing a rod blank to perform in your preferred fishing application is easier when you have a larger inventory to short through. Although more options may seem intimidating, an extensive inventory will allow you to find the perfect rod blank for your fishing application.

For example, each MHX Blank Series is designed and manufactured for peak performance in every application and fishery you can find. Divided into applications based on environment, technique, and even specific species of fish, MHX helps dial-in your blank’s performance and enhance your fishing experience with an incredible inventory of specialized rod blanks.

2. Catch the Right Action, Power, and Performance 

When it comes to designing rod blanks, innovations in technology and material have made developments improve in leaps and bounds. But testing the design is when these innovations truly shine.

Take MHX blanks, which begin as prototypes tested by regional pros for correct power, action, and design. Then, these pros return feedback and advice that helps tweak the final design for the ultimate performance.

Engineered with specific environments, techniques, lures, and species in mind, MHX Rod Blanks are developed as solutions for any angler looking to enhance their performance in a given application. Once the angler’s needs are identified, MHX Rod Designers research and develop the best blank to get the job done.

Outperforming and outlasting other options, MHX Rod Blanks are lightweight and super sensitive, yet extremely durable to guarantee an unbeatable performance and experience.

3. Proper Protection for Shipping

Distributing rod blanks has always been a challenging task. Looking at the length of blanks, which can easily exceed seven feet, packaging quickly becomes an interesting task.

Protecting blanks is crucial to preserving its integrity and performance, so trusting the right packaging process is just as important as finding the right rod blank. Luckily, MHX has been in the fishing business for quite some time and this extensive experience has led to improved packaging methods that are as fast as they are safe.

Since it is the most sensitive section of the rod blank, protecting the tip is essential to preserving the action of the overall blank. For instance, when packaging multiple rod blanks, MHX preserves the tips by organizing each rod blank opposite of the next.

Alternating between butt and tip bolsters the support of each thin tip with the thicker diameter of the blank’s butt end. Next, a thick packaging paper is wraps and conceals the blanks, while extra paper is layered around each tip for added protection.

MHX takes performance and experience very seriously, so packaging and preserving each high-quality rod blank is crucial in sealing our commitment to satisfy anglers across the globe.

4. Warranty and Transferrable Serial Number

Avid anglers and rod builders alike should also look for the proper support if your rod ever needs it. Although breaking a rod is an experience no fisherman wants, the reality is that it can happen to anyone on the water.

Sure knowing the proper steps to landing a fish helps, but accidents happen and rod blanks can break. While some will leave you with half a rod, MHX is proud to support each rod blank with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that helps when you need it most.

The durability of MHX Rod Blanks make it an extremely rare experience, but in the event, making a warranty claim with MHX is simple and efficient.

Once the claim is made, it is processed in a timely manner that determines both the damage and how MHX can help in return. Getting you back on the water with the superior confidence and performance of MHX is a top priority, so MHX backs its rod blanks and anglers with a transferable serial number.

Each MHX Rod Blank also has an individual serial number so that the Limited Lifetime Warranty can transfer alongside the blank itself. So, if you buy a custom MHX rod, you now have the exclusive access to the same warranty claim as the previous distributor or owner.

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