3 Ways to Get Back the Bite

Spending more time fishing and less time catching? Use these 3 ways to hit refresh on your fishing!

Tips to Refresh Your Fishing and Beat a Slump

A slump is frustrating, but never impossible to beat.

Once the slump really sets in, it can seem unbeatable, but hang in there and use these tips to bring back the fun to your fishing.

1.    Try Fishing New Lures and Techniques

When the lure or technique you are fishing just isn’t getting it done, the next best step is to switch it up and try something new.

Changing between different lures, techniques, and depths while fishing can often get back the bites, but give each change time to shine before moving on. Not only can learning about new lures and techniques benefit your fishing knowledge, but also help you get back to hooking up and landing fish.

Maybe try fishing a lure with more finesse, or go for a deep diving crankbait if you’re used to fishing the shallows, either way the new knowledge and skill will help you in the long run.

Turning your fishing world upside down and learning a new fishing method outside of your comfort zone certainly broadens your skill set to improve your overall fishing.

Better yet, try building your own custom fishing lures and learn what really works in your waters.

From hard baits and round head jigs to various style spinnerbaits, there are plenty of options to build the lures you need to beat the slump. By choosing the bait’s style, shape, and color, you can customize your tackle to increase your hook ups.

Catch more fish and save money on tackle with these awesome lure building kits!

2.    Build a Custom Fishing Rod for Your Application

Like trying a new lure, there comes a time when your old rod just isn’t right for what lure or technique you are fishing.

This problem comes with a simple solution… build the perfect fishing rod yourself!

Boosting performance by fine-tuning your fishing rod with custom components is an easy way to guarantee you have the right rod for the job. From the rod blank and guide layout down to the grips and reel seat, the ability to customize each component dials in fishing performance better than factory rods.

With the convenient Turnkey Kits that include the rod blank and components as well as the building tools and supplies, it has never been easier or more cost effective to start rod building.

Plus, streamlined multi-option rod kits bring more custom options for every angler to design and build their dream fishing rod. Optimize your fishing rod and catch all the results!

Packed with performance and built with pride, building your own custom fishing rod is a great way to get your mind off a slump and get the fish biting again.

3.    Increase Handle Comfort and Fishing Performance

Can’t get a grip on your fishing? Upgrade your handle assembly to get a real feel for long-lasting comfort and serious performance!

Build your handle with the performance to land fish and the comfort to keep you on the water longer. Whether you are a classic cork angler or looking for the leading edge material like carbon fiber, make your own handles for serious results on the water.

You finally feel the bite, you set the hook, and you hold on…

In this moment, nothing beats the grips that have your back when fighting that next big catch. Especially in a slump, confidence in handling fish is just as important as hooking them.

These custom grips chosen by you and for you, are the true key to keeping up peak performance.

Not only can you virtually build the handle as you go, but you will also see it take shape in real time. Giving you plenty of options organized into streamlined kits, it makes seeing and selecting your handle components better and easier than ever.

Refresh your feel for fishing and build a new handle assembly!

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