3 Tips for Quick Guide Preparation

Preparing each guide for installation on the rod blank is crucial to building a better looking custom rod with the performance to match.

Use these 3 tips to get your guides ready to go:

1.    File Down the Guide Foot  

Start by using a small file and working the end of the guide foot so that it comes to a point.

We need to file down the feet of the rod guides so our thread smoothly transitions from the blank to the guide.

If the guides have not been properly filed down, the thread will may snag during the transition from blank to guide foot, and worse, a rough guide foot can even scratch the rod blank, causing damage later on.

As you will see, it may be an easy step, but we point it out because it is a very important step in improving guide wraps and avoiding headaches.

2.    Buff Underside of Guide Foot

After the grinding down the guide foot to a point, you will want to ensure the underside is also ready for installation.

Since the underside of the guide foot is what comes into contact with the rod blank itself, use a piece of light sand paper to buff out the rough edges along the bottom of each guide foot.

3.    Double Check for Burrs

Although you may think your guides are ready to go, double check the underside one last time for any burrs created while filing down the foot or buffing out the bottom.

These burrs can scratch the blank and even cause catastrophic rod failure down the rod. Luckily avoiding this failure is easy, simply use the fingernail test to make sure each guide can be mounted safely.

Run the guide foot over your fingernail, which acts as a similar surface to rod blanks, and if anything scratches your nail, it will also damage the rod blank.

Just buff out any last problem areas with light sand paper and you’re ready to get wrapping!

Tools and Supplies for Guide Prep

Remember guide preparation is a worthwhile precaution that helps you build better custom fishing rods.

From the guide file and sand paper to any other rod building essentials, stop by Mud Hole to pick up all the guide prep tools you need to get the job done right!

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